WIE Videography

Participation: All members.

Topic: “Breaking Stereotypes every day; her story”

  • Max Team members: 5
  • Max Video duration: 3 Minutes
  • Cash prize /Gift hampers

Participants are expected to make a video on the respective topic.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. All the participants can take part in the videography event
  2. The quality of the video will be evaluated by the content, script, originality, videography and technicality.
  3. All the videos should be void of any indecency and vulgarity.
  4. Any software can be used for the purpose of editing/making videos.
  5. There must be the IEEE logo throughout the video.
  6. There should be no copied scene from other documentaries or short-films.


Results are going to be announced in the event during congress.

*Instructions for submission of videos will soon be announced.