About YP Islamabad

IEEE Young professionals is an international society of motivated, dynamic and intellectual members and volunteers. IEEE YP Islamabad has been created recently on 25th January, 2015. Its foundation has been laid by Farrukh Jamal. FAST NUCES is the headquarters of IEEE YP Islamabad.

IEEE YP Islamabad’s affinity group has the potential to become one of the top achievers in this region. Our YP AG promises a lot and is a force to be reckoned with.

We have successfully held the IEEE Volunteer Leadership Training (VOLT) in collaboration with IEEE SEECS and IEEE WIE SEECS AG. We also do offer IEEE Collabratec™. IEEE Collabratec™ is a research, collaboration and professional networking platform offered to members, researchers, authors and volunteers. We recently held a 2 days’ workshop on Microsoft Excel which also has been a success. We are new to this arena but we offer a great path to all intellectuals be a member or a volunteer of IEEE YP Islamabad.

We have set our goals clear and we have started in the right direction. If we keep on working with this attitude and pace, we are going to be a force with a great future. Any person who thinks he can do something for the betterment of IEEE YP Islamabad is welcome to register with us as a member or volunteer.